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Variable Speed Commercial Pool Pumps

Minimize Energy. Maximize Savings.

The flow requirements for every commercial swimming pool are highly variable. It makes perfect sense for the commercial pool pump to be highly variable as well. Commercial pools around the world depend on EcoPro Variable Speed Drives and Pumps to conserve energy and lower costs. A fixed speed pump is not suitable for multiple processes or varying circumstances. A Variable Speeed Drive (VSD) equiped Commercial Pool Pump is much better suited for the complex and highly variable conditions found at commercial swimming pools.

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Why Variable Rate on Commercial Pools

Commercial pools are strictly regulated by government authorities to protect public health. Rules and regulations often require some or all of the following:

  • public pool pumps must operate 24 hours per day

  • public pool pumps must operate at all time the pool is open

  • the entire volume of pool water must be filtered in 6 hours or less

Savvy pool owners have discovered that the GPM may be reduced after the 6 hour turnover rule has been met. This opens up the door for huge savings. Commercial pool operators simply adjust the flow rate down for a large portion of the day which dramatically lowers electricity costs. And in some areas, electricity costs are lower during non-peak hours. Adjusting filtration schedules based on power costs allows for even more savings. Annual savings between $5,000. and $9,000. are common.

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How Variable Rate Commercial Pool Pumps Work

A variable speed drive is a device that is used to control the speed of an electric motor. EcoPro converts incoming AC power to DC and then back to quasi-sinusoidal AC power using advanced inverter switching circuits. With EcoPro Pumps, the speed is precisely controlled by changing the frequency of the electricity delivered to the motor.

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Variable Speed Commercial Pool Pump Technology

The technology behind most swimming pool pumps hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. But EcoPro Commercial Pool Pumps have changed that by using variable-speed technology. Commercial pools can now take full advantage of variable-speed drive technology. This type of commercial pool pump uses a special drive to control the speed (RPM) of the pump. By adjusting the speed to the optimal rate for a given requirement, a large amount of energy can be saved.

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Variable Rate Commercial Pump Savings

70 – 80% of a commercial pool’s electricity bill is normally due to inefficient pumps. Dramatic reductions in electricity costs can be made by installing an EcoPro Variable Speed Pool Pump. How much can be saved? It’s common for a 200,000 gallon commercial pool to reduce the kW usage by 60,000 kW per year. That’s typically $9,000. per year in electricity savings! Many governments are pushing the swimming pool industry to adopt this technology to reduce wasted electricity, and reduce the carbon footprint. Federal, state or local governments may offer tax rebates or loans to help with the costs of these smart upgrades.

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The Variable Rate Commercial Pump Return on Investment (ROI)

EcoPro reduces energy cost and consumptions by an average of 60%. And since the cost of an EcoPro Pump is less than 35% more than a regular commercial pump, the return on investment (ROI) is typically only 10 – 18 months.

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SoftStart and SoftStop are Standard on EcoPro VS Pumps

Soft-start and soft-stop are standard EcoPro. When a typical AC motor is started up, it takes as much as seven to eight times the motor full load current to start the motor. When the EcoPro drive starts the motor, it initially applies a low frequency and voltage to the motor. A low starting frequency avoids the high inrush current occurs when a motor is started by applying full voltage. After rotation begins, EcoPro increases the frequency and voltage at a controlled rate to accelerate the load without drawing excessive current.

This soft-start feature allows EcoPro to develop 150% of its rated torque while the VFD draws less than 50% of its rated current. The stopping of EcoPro is the opposite of starting. The frequency and voltage are decreased at a controlled rate. When the frequency nears 0, the motor stops. EcoPro’s advanced drive reduces wear and tear and extends the life of the motor.

Variable Frequency Drive

More Variable Speed Pump Features
and Benefits

EcoPro VFD's offer many more benefits you won’t find on other commercial pool pumps.

  • embedded microprocessors govern the variable speed and functions on commercial pump

  • solid state Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) safely mounted away from heat and dampness of pump

  • improved power factor

  • less harmonic distortion low sensitivity to incoming phase sequencing

  • reduces power surges during start-up

  • a built in load monitor detects dry run conditions, protecting commercial pools from damage and downtime

  • eliminates water hammer at stopping

  • extends equipment life

  • commercial pump remote keypad option

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Get an NSF Approved Commercial Pool Pump with VFD Today

EcoPro offers a complete line of NSF listed variable speed commercial swimming pool pumps with horsepower ranging from 3 HP to 20 HP. Most are available in single phase or three phase. Material selections include cast iron, brass, bronze or plastic. Call us today to quote your commercial pump needs. We can design a commercial pump for most any application and budget. Our line of pumps include:

  • 3 HP NSF listed single phase or three phase pumps semi-commercial swimming pools, 230 volts

  • 5 HP NSF listed single phase or three phase pumps 230 volt for commercial pool, spas, and fountains

  • 7.5 HP NSF approved single phase and three phase pumps large commercial pools, 230 volts

  • 10 HP NSF approved single phase or three phase pumps for commercial pools

  • 15 HP NSF listed three phase, 230 volt, large commercial pool pumps

  • 20 HP NSF listed three phase, 230 volt commercial pool pump, common on pools exceeding 200,000 gallons

Easily Upgrade your Pump

Upgrade Your Existing Commercial Pool Pump to a Variable Speed Drive

We can convert almost any existing commercial swimming pool pump to a variable speed drive system. If your existing pump is in good condition, you may save up to 40%. In many cases, we can even use your existing motor. Call today for a quote.

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