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The Technology Behind EcoPump

We kept the tried and true without ignoring innovation. EcoPump is made technically possible by EcoBoostâ„¢, an advanced phase-shifting technology that delivers an impressive 85% savings over traditional pool pumps. Best of all, durability and reliability are not sacrificed as with first generation efficiency pumps.

EcoPump Advanced Technology Internals
Battery Icon

Phase-Shifting for Smooth Power Delivery

Advanced circuits shift the phase so that the voltage across the first electrical winding is an ideal 90 degrees from the second winding, smoothing power delivery. As a truly two-phase machine, EcoPump delivers a power factor near 100%.

EcoPump Motor

Electron Storage for Best in Class Efficiency

Advanced condensors briefly store electrons in dielectrics until the power is called upon. When the motor rotates into the optimal position, the stored energy is released, boosting the energy transferred to the impeller. The result is excellent, smooth-running performance, ultra-efficiency, cooler operating temperatures and longer life.

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