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June 02, 2016

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EcoPump Announces Its Certification as the
Most Efficient Multi-Speed Pool Pump ever Certified by Energy Star

Georgetown, TX – Today’s swimming pool owner is a more energy aware and environmentally conscientious than ever before. Pool owners are increasingly aware that traditional pool pumps from even a few years back can use more energy than all other appliances combined.

To make the search for environmentally-friendly products easier, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy have implemented the ENERGY STAR program, a voluntary label that identifies and promotes energy-efficient products with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, EcoPump is proud to be not only one of the Energy Star-certified products, but the most energy efficient multi-speed pool pump ever certified by Energy Star.

In laboratory testing, both the EcoPump 4 EP-4 and the EP-6 have attained efficiency levels far above the requirements for Energy Star ratings. The EP-4 is ranked the most efficient 1 HP Multi-Speed pool pump ever certified by Energy Star, while the EP-6 is ranked the most efficient 1.5 HP Multi-Speed pool pump ever certified. Both pumps exceeded Energy Star’s required factor by over 62%.

Energy Star uses the Curve A Energy Factor for determining if pumps qualify — what is called a “real world” curve. In order to meet Energy Star standards, the minimum is 3.8. While both the EP-4 and EP-6 exceeded the minimum by over 62%, the EP-6 attained an energy factor of 6.43 on Curve A, making it the most efficient multi-speed pump ever certified by Energy Star.

Perhaps a recent EcoPump client summed up the benefits best — “The Ecopump runs whisper quiet and we are saving over $100+ per month on our electric bill. Additionally, we are running our pump longer and the water clarity has never been better. “

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Share the revolutionary news with friends and family! EcoPump has been officially ceritified as the most efficient multi-speed pool pump ever by ENERGY STAR, the highest energy efficient certification available!

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Make Your Next Pool Pump an Energy Star

The simple, clear message conveyed by the Energy Star brand has been embraced by millions of families, who increasingly seek validation that their products are truly energy efficient. To make the search for environmentally-friendly products easier, the US EPA and the US Department of Energy created the Energy Star program. Today, Energy Star is the global symbol for truly energy efficient products. In 2016, Energy Star added pool pumps to its list of products and appliances. Today, EcoPump is proud to be not only an Energy Star pool pump, but the most energy efficient multi-speed pool pump ever certified by Energy Star.

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Change a Pump. Change the World.

Energy Star is driving the market transformation from traditional pool pumps to new energy efficient pool pumps. It didn’t take long for EcoPump to see the potential in and join what has become one of the most recognizable brands of its kind. At EcoPump, the goal wasn’t just to qualify for Energy Star, but to exceed everything that had come before. The opportunity was huge. To put it in perspective, a typical 1 HP pump from 2005 burns a staggering 1,800 watts. The 2016 1 HP Energy Star qualified EcoPump runs on as little as 320 watts. This is more than an 82% improvement in energy efficiency, while maintaining a strong flow rate. The total production of Energy Star pool pumps in 2016 could save consumer more than $550 million in operating costs each year. That’s an astounding $4 billion over the life of these products.

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The Future of Energy Star Pumps

For 20 years, Energy Star products have helped Americans save energy, save money and reduce their carbon footprints. Whether your opening your utility bill or browsing the isles of the hardware store, you will often spot the trademark Energy Star logo. Our ongoing commitment to the growth, success and integrity of the Energy Star partnership has been a strong source of pride for EcoPump. As our company embarks on its mission of making swimming pools everywhere energy-efficient and health protective, there is no end to what our partnership with Energy Star can accomplish for the consumer and the planet.

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