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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps for 2017

Looking for a truly energy efficient pool pump to beat high utility bills? How about a pump so efficient you could run it 24 hours per day for just pennies? EcoPump delivers all this and more. EcoPump is the revolutionary ultra-efficiency pool pump with electron storage technology.

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Energy Efficient Pool Pump

EcoPump is a whole new kind of pool pump – it’s the world’s first pool pump to give more and take less. EcoPump runs on just 1/3 kW while starting at less than $700. The result is the highest return on investment (ROI) of any pool pump.

Cutting-edge condensors store electrons in dielectrics until the power is called upon. Then when the motor rotates in the optimal position, the stored energy is released, boosting this energy transferred to the impeller. EcoBoost delivers huge savings. Up to 85% over traditional pool pumps. EcoPump is so affordable to operate, you could run it 24/7 for the purest, most crystal clear water possible.

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Make Your Next Pool Pump an Energy Star

The simple, clear message conveyed by the Energy Star brand has been embraced by millions of families, who increasingly seek validation that their products are truly energy efficient. To make the search for environmentally-friendly products easier, the US EPA and the US Department of Energy created the Energy Star program. Today, Energy Star is the global symbol for truly energy efficient products. In 2017, Energy Star added pool pumps to its list of products and appliances. Today, EcoPump is proud to be not only an Energy Star pool pump, but the most energy efficient multi-speed pool pump ever certified by Energy Star.

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Reduce Power Use up to 85%

Just a few years ago, "energy efficient" pool pumps required a staggering 1,600 - 2,000 watts of power. In fact, the biggest opportunity for power savings is not with your air conditioning system, but with your swimming pool pump. Upgrading to EcoPump energy efficient pool pumps can save over $1,000. per year when compared to traditional pool pumps.

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Energy Efficient Pumps are
the Foundation of Healthy Water

It’s no secret that moving water is healthy water. Today’s electric costs are forcing many pool owners to greatly reduce the amount of time their pump operates each day. Some pool owners have reduced run time to just 4 – 8 hours per day. This is great for utility bills, but it destroys your water quality. Stagnant water creates a breeding ground for bacteria and algae and creates a high chemical demand. Plus, it’s difficult or impossible to feed chemicals into the pool when the pump is off. EcoPump energy efficient pool pumps can be operated much longer for much less. Many owners choose to operate EcoPump 24/7 for fewer chemicals the best possible water quality.

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EcoPump Beats First Generation
Variable Speed Pumps ROI

First-generation programmable, variable-speed pumps required complicated digital controllers that are expensive and prone to premature failure. Repairing those onboard electronic circuits can cost as much as a new pump. [Google: variable speed + poor warranty + unrepairable] or just click here to see the reviews. EcoPump has eliminated the common failure points. EcoPump has no unreliable onboard electronics and does not need complicated programming. EcoPump can be controlled with a simple, inexpensive 3-way switch ( $29.95 including weatherproof enclosure). Now pool owners can realize huge savings without buying an expensive, complicated control system.

Easily Replace Your Pool Pump

Easily Replaces your Existing Pump

EcoPump is designed to easily replace your existing pool pump. No complicated and expensive controller is required. EcoPump is versatile. It even works with a simple 3-way switch. A simple 3-position switch is all it takes to control the circulate, vacuum and off positions. But EcoPump also works with an existing two-speed timer or any third-party automation controller. No matter what type of existing setup you have, EcoPump energy efficient pool pumps are simple and easy to integrate.

Compare EcoPump

Compare EcoPump's Efficiency
to Other Pumps

There are no set standards when it comes to pool pumps and energy efficiency. There is no rating system. This makes it rather difficult to compare one pool pump to another. Unless you know the secret. The secret enables you to easily calculate the power that your pump will use, using simple math. To find out how much electricity a 230 volt pump will use, simply multiply the pump's amp rating by 230. It's that simple. Once you know the watts, comparing energy efficient pool pumps is easy. If you would rather skip the math, we've created a pool pump reviews page.

Quiet Performance

The Most Quiet Pump in Its Class

Typical single-phase motors are noisy because they vibrate at 120 Hz when operated on a 60 Hz power line. But EcoPump’s phase-shifting tech-nology smooths power delivery for a pump that’s virtually silent during circulation. Those loud, hum-ming pumps are a thing of the past.

3 Year Warranty

The Best Warranty in Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Other energy efficient pool pumps limit the warranty to just one year. Some pool owners are finding that some pumps have complicated circuits that are prone to failure. EcoPump has eliminated the common failure points. EcoPump provides a no-nonsense 3 year warranty as standard. That’s not an upgrade. It’s not an extended warranty. It’s standard with every EcoPump

Smart Technology

A Smart Investment

Investing in a new pool pump is the single easiest way to dramatically reduce your home’s energy use. In fact, a traditional pool pump typically uses more power than all other appliances combined. If you’re contemplating energy efficient upgrades, an energy efficient pool pump should be at the top of your list.

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