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Commercial Pool Pumps
by EcoPump

Designed for the most demanding commercial swimming pool applications, EcoPump commercial pool pumps are packed with features that optimize efficience and increase longevity.

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Pool Pump Engineering

EcoPro Commercial Pumps:
Engineered for Life.

EcoPro centrifugal commercial pool pumps are designed for the most demanding commercial swimming pool applications. EcoPro offers capacities up to 3,000 GPM, heads up to 310 feet, and the most complete list of features you won't find on mid-level imported commercial pumps. And because EcoPumps are designed to use far less electricity, no other commercial pool pump on the market can compete with the energy efficiency of our variable frequency drive equipped EcoPro pumps. How much can a commercial pool operator save? Some facilities report savings of over $5,000 per year. The ROI is typically less than 12 months, making the decision to install a VFD pump extremely easy.

Iron Casing

Flanged Cast Iron Casing

Our class 30 grade iron casing is tapered for a drain, vent and pressure gauge, includes a suction wear ring and can be rotated to various discharge positions. Standard ANSI flange type suction and discharge nozzles facilitate easy installation and maintenance.

Renewable Bronze Shaft Sleeve

The renewable bronze shaft sleeve insulates the commercial pump shaft from abrasion and contact with pumped liquids.

Mechanical Shaft Seals on all Commercial Pool Pumps

Our mechanical seals feature Carbon/Ceramic/Buna and stainless steel components, eliminating maintenance and adjustment problems. A bypass line on some models help purge abrasives from the seal chamber.

Renewable Bronze Wearing Rings

Precision-made bronze wearing rings are pressed into the casing and/or adapter as required and are renewable and easily replaced in the field.

Propeller Icon

Single-Piece Enclosed Impeller on all Commercial Pool Pumps

Made of cast bronze and keyed to the shaft, our single-piece enclosed impeller is precision balanced with the diameter cut for the specific precision point. On high head units, the impeller back is drilled for hydraulic balance, limiting thrust load and reducing pressure in the sealing area.

Commercial Pump Upgrades

Upgrades for Commercial Pool Pumps

  • We offer a complete line of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for your commercial pool pump.

  • Commercial pool pumps can be certified by NSF to ANSI/NSF standard 50 for swimming pool circulation components.

  • In addition to standard Carbon/Ceramic/Buna, we offer Viton.

  • We offer advanced coating options such as 3M Skotchkote 134 fusion bonded epoxy.

  • EcoPump offers a complete range of baseplate mounting systems.

Upgrade for
Big Savings!

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Commercial Pool Pumps

Commercial swimming pool owners have discovered that the GPM may be reduced after the 6 hour turnover rule has been met. This opens up the door for huge savings with variable frequency drives (VFD). Commercial pool operators may adjust the flow rate down for a large portion of the day which dramatically lowers electricity costs. And in some areas, electricity costs are lower during non-peak hours. Adjusting filtration schedules based on power costs allows for even more savings. Annual savings between $5,000. and $9,000. are common.

Variable Frequency Drive Pumps

More Variable Speed Pump Features
and Benefits

EcoPro VFD's offer many more benefits you won’t find on other commercial pool pumps.

  • embedded microprocessors govern the variable speed and functions on commercial pump

  • solid state Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) safely mounted away from heat and dampness of pump

  • improved power factor

  • less harmonic distortion low sensitivity to incoming phase sequencing

  • reduces power surges during start-up

  • a built in load monitor detects dry run conditions, protecting commercial pools from damage and downtime

  • eliminates water hammer at stopping

  • extends equipment life

  • commercial pump remote keypad option

Power Leaf Icon

EcoPump offers a Wide Range of Commercial Pool Pumps

Our EcoPro line features a complete line of NSF listed variable speed commercial swimming pool pumps with horsepower ranging from 3 HP to 20 HP. Most are available in single phase or three phase. Material selections include cast iron, brass, bronze or plastic. Call us today to quote your commercial pump needs. We can design a commercial pump for most any application and budget. Our line of pumps include:

  • 3 HP commercial pool pumps, 230 volts

  • 5 HP commercial pool pumps, single phase or three phase pumps 230 volt for commercial pool, spas, and fountains

  • 7.5 HP commercial pool pumps, single phase and three phase pumps large commercial pools, 230 volts

  • 10 HP commercial pool pumps, single phase or three phase pumps for commercial pools

  • 15 HP commercial pool pumps, three phase, 230 volt, large commercial pool pumps

  • 20 HP commercial pool pumps, three phase, 230 volt commercial pool pump, common on pools exceeding 200,000 gallons

Upgrade Your Existing Commercial Pool Pump to a Variable Speed Drive

We can convert almost any existing commercial swimming pool pump to a variable speed drive system. If your existing pump is in good condition, you may save up to 40%. In many cases, we can even use your existing motor. Contact us today for a quote.

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